General Instructions

1. Civilized conducts are greatly encouraged as personal virtues. In order to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for Library visitors’ reading, learning, and other library activities, please act with the Library Rules and Regulations.

2. Taking photos, recording or digital resource downloading of the Library collections is not allowed without prior permission for consideration of intellectual property rights. Certain duplication of materials is subject to reasonable uses; violation of concerned property rights shall bear liabilities.

3. Chinese open-shelf books are accessible for loan with Library Cards of varied loan capacities except Type-D via Librarians or Self-Check Terminals. Foreign items are accessible for loan with Type C Library Card.

4. Loan period of open-shelf books is 1 month with a renewal of 1 month before due date if not requested by others. For those overdue, a fine of 0.1 RMB daily will be charged for each item with a maximum of 15 RMB each.

5. Items left by visitors should be placed onto book carts for librarians’ re-shelving.

6. Books and their bar codes should be friendly treated. The loaned items should be checked, and reported to the librarian for any defilement or missing pages. If loss or damage occurs, the Card holder shall be held responsible, either making up the loss with the same edition of the item or compensating for that in line with concerned Library Regulations.

7. The interested items in open stacks shall be handled either by librarians or Self-Check. Taking un-loaned items out is not allowed and may result in cancellation of Library Card with deposit retained. For those with concerned challenges, home service is available by librarians.

8. For Card loss, immediate visit and report to the Library is advisable; Item loans and possible overdue fines shall be cleared before Card re-application, plus 10 RMB of Card cost.

9. Mobile phones should be in mute mode in the Library.

10. Food and drinks are also not allowed.