A Glance of E-reading Center in May: Learn to Be a Graceful Breast-feeding Mum

Author:Lai Aihua  From:Chinese Newspapers and Periodicals  Photo by:Li Lihua    Date:2017-06-26  Hits:3581 

On May 20, afternoon, a lecture on Learn to Be a Graceful Breast-feeding Mum given by instructor Liang Xin was held at Lecture Hall 3 by Department of Chinese Newspapers and Periodicals.


Lai Xiaoying, librarian firstly introduced E-reading Center and the library’s E-resources on parenting. Then Liang Xin, breast-feeding instructor gave a wonderful lecture to the new mothers and expectant parents, elaborating on the first responsibility of a new mother, basic knowledge and common mistakes of breast-feeding, the supportive roles of family members and how to be graceful and deliberate when going out with a baby.


Lai Xiaoying, librarian, introducing the Library’s E-resources.



Lai Xiaoying, librarian, introducing E-reading Center.



Liang Xin, breast-feeding instructor giving the lecture.



A new mother interacting with the lecturer.

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