Library Cup Guangdong English Speaking Contest

The Contest was first organized and held by Sun Yat-sen Library of Guangdong Province in 2011, with the aim of bringing public library’s social education into practice as well as setting up a public platform for English learners to practice oral English and show other talents. It is annually scheduled and has made itself a great success during the past 6 years, the year 2017 being the 7th time.

It has been pushing forward all through the years since its starting year 2011, and witnessed ways of innovativeness in organizing the event. The Contest was solely held by the Library during the year 2011, 2012 and 2013, and co-hosted by the Library and Library Society Guangdong in 2014, then joined by Guangdong Academic Library and Information Committee in 2016 to form a stronger bond. It was integrated by two separate contests, Guangdong English Speaking Contest and Library Cup Guangdong Oral English Contest in 2016, presenting a new look. Since then, it has operated on a new mode of “Internet +”, specifically “Online Preliminary Contest + Online Semi-final Contest + Offline Final Contest”, thus overcoming time and space obstacles. In 2017, the Contest had over 120 public libraries and academic libraries of higher institutions participating in the event, and attracted 20369 contestants, substantially making it run at a higher level and among wider walks of life. This Contest as a program, has been listed among “A Reading Guangdong, A Wonderful Life” Guangdong Reading Promotion Events, initiated and guided by Department of Culture.