German Corner

It is a regular public program that promotes German language and culture learning, started up March, 2010. It is open to people of all ages with no charge and German proficiency requirement. Various topics are planned, such as Germany Travel, Foreign Landscapes, Studying in Germany, German Food, etc., along with fun activities, storytelling, games, movie appreciation and Christmas Carnival. There are 65 altogether sessions as of December, 2016.

Sessions of this Corner are often joined by volunteers and lovers of German culture, covering rich topics and forms. Participants will have the opportunity to learn idiomatic German and also to have an all-round knowledge of German customs, scenic spots, and studying in Germany.

Time: 15:00 P.M. -16:00 P.M., the last Sunday monthly

Location: Activity Room, Department of Foreign Language Collections, 4th Floor, Area B, Main Library

Tel: 81162654